GoQii – More Than an Activity Tracker

I wrote a post introducing GoQii and wanted to write a follow up after using the product. There is no doubt that you’ve seen people wearing activity trackers. There are quite a few makes and models on the market and they all work well. Some have features others don’t, but in general, they all pretty much do the same thing….except GoQii.

Yes, GoQii tracks steps, sleep, calories burned…all the usual suspects, but GoQii has a feature that no other device has. This feature is what sets GoQii apart and actually helps in reaching your health and fitness goals. When you purchase a GoQii you are also purchasing personal coaching. A certified fitness professional who takes time to learn about you and helps you reach your goals.

GoQii CoachingDuring the sign up process, you pick your coach from a list of coaches. You get to read their bio and their specialty and you pick which coach matches your goals. The coach is accessible via the GoQii app where you communicate in a text message style screen. Your coach also schedules 20-30 min phone chats to check in, see how you’re doing and helps sets goals. Once those goals are set, your coach monitors how you’re doing through the data the GoQii collects and sends messages of encouragement as well as helps correct your course should you drift…I’ve done this a lot and my coach has been there to help get me back on track.

GoQii also has a feature called Karma Points. The more active you are, the more Karma Points you earn. GoQii partners with charitable causes that you can then donate your Karma Points to and GoQii makes a donation. Its pretty darn cool to help those in need just by going about your normal every day life.

The GoQii app is newly redesigned and, in my opinion, is pretty cool. The app is clean and easy to use. My favorite feature of the app is that I take a picture of each meal and it automatically sends it to my coach. She is then able to see what ai’m eating and can give me kudos or can help me eat healthy. Having this accountability is something I really need. Knowing that a fitness professional is looking at what I’m eating is scary, but ultimately helps me eat better.

If you’re in the market for a new activity tracker and you want even more help in achieving your health and fitness goals, I strongly suggest you check out GoQii and the personal coaching that it offers. It truly is a great product that helps me get fit and helps those in need.


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of GOQii.

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