CrossFit – My Beginning

Welcome to the first installment of a blog post series I am titling the “CrossFit Chronicles”. Through this series, I aim to document my experience (both good and bad) in CrossFit. If you are looking to get into CrossFit but don’t know if it’s right for you, or have questions, I hope this series can help. If you participate in CrossFit, I hope this series documents things that you can relate to and makes you laugh (or cry). Most of all, this series is to help hold me accountable for the goals I have set out to achieve; get healthier through consistent exercise (via CrossFit) and forming healthy eating habits.

The Beginning

When I first set out to lose weight and get healthy (see previous posts and about me page), I went to a standard big box gym. To make it clear, I have absolutely nothing against such gyms. In fact, a big box gym is where I went when I lost 60 pounds. However, after a period of time, I was looking for something different. It’s not that I didn’t like the gym anymore, but I was struggling finding or developing exercise/lifting programs that kept me motivated and I was finding it increasingly difficult to hold myself accountable in getting to the gym.

I had always been curious about CrossFit but never felt it was for me, which made me a bit timid and uncomfortable to give it a try. I had spent quite a bit of time researching it, but never actually did it. The people that did CrossFit all seemed supernatural to me. All of them were in amazing shape, and that scared me. I didn’t want to embarrass myself or my family name (that is a joke) by going to a gym and throwing up all over the floor. Instead, I continued to drive several miles at 5am every morning to go to a big box gym when there was a CrossFit box literally a quarter mile from my house…walking distance. This all changed when my son was born.

Being a new and first-time dad, I needed to save all the time I could. I mustered all the courage I could, cancelled my big box membership, and walked into my first CrossFit class at 5:30am the next day. From that moment on, everything changed for me. The first thing that happened was that all the other people there introduced themselves to me and told me how great it was that I was there. The next thing that happened is that the coach walked through the workout, pulled me aside and explained how I should scale that day’s workout.

I left that workout feeling amazing, excited, and slightly mind blown. It hit me that CrossFit is literally for everyone. Each workout can (and should as I later learned) be scaled for every level of fitness. From that point forward, I was hooked. No more spending time figuring out what program to follow, which is important if you don’t know what you are doing and are essentially surfing the net finding a routine that looks cool. On top of that, a trained coach is there for every workout; basically a small group personal trainer! After my first week or so, I came to understand that accountability is built into all of this. If I missed a day, everyone in the class would ask where I was at the next class. No one wants to answer with “didn’t feel like coming”.

When I moved across town, it was logistically illogical for me to keep going to that box. However, I quickly found a box near my new home where I jumped in immediately. This is where I have been working out for the last two years. The first day I entered the new gym, the same thing happened. Everyone introduced themselves and cheered me on throughout the workout. The gym is amazing, with amazing people, and an amazing community. The coaches and owners care and quick to check in when I miss a few days. People are unbelievably supportive and willing to help make you better.

I don’t want to sugarcoat anything…CrossFit is hard. It’s supposed to be. It gets you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to your mental and physical limits. It makes you better. For me, it was and its, incredibly addicting. I want to workout and it no longer feels like a chore.

CrossFit is for everyone!

I will wrap up this installment of the CrossFit Chronicles. Future posts will dive more into my experiences with CrossFit, the fun, the struggle, and hope to also talk a bit about nutrition (the thing I find most difficult).

Thank you for reading! Now go give CrossFit a try!

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