Propel #AddFlavorChallenge: Workout with a Friend: Circuit Workout

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The Propel #AddFlavorChallenge for the month of June is to workout with a friend. Lucky for me, a lot of my friends workout and some are even in the fitness industry. When I learned of this month’s challenge, I immediately got in touch with my friend Jasmine who is a fitness freak! Jasmine has been a fitness instructor for a long time and is the creator of The Rhythm Revolution which is an AFAA accredited, musicality education program for fitness instructors. Basically, she’s awesome. My wife and Jasmine went to elementary and junior high school together and then attended different high schools. They reconnected through Facebook while Jasmine was living in another state. When Jasmine and her family moved back to Colorado, we had dinner with her and her husband and have been friends since. Jasmine’s energy and dedication to health and fitness is a huge source of motivation for me!

I arrived at her fitness club and we got right to work. We started by warming up on the IndoRow. I don’t use a row machine that often and it showed. We only rowed for about 10 minutes and I felt like I got an entire workout in! As Jasmine went to get the music setup for the rest of the workout, I grabbed a Propel and took a quick hydration break. I felt a bit weak for sweating so bad after just a quick warm-up so I knew that I was about to get my butt kicked!

Workout With A FriendNow that we were warm, we moved over to the Kinesis machines to start our circuit workout. There are four different machines (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta) that comprise the Kinesis circuit. Each module provides resistance from a different direction, which allowed us move from station to station to achieve a total body workout. To kick it up another notch, we added a fifth station using the ViPR. Jasmine setup the circuit so that each station we did an exercise for 20 seconds, 10 seconds of rest and then repeated for 20 seconds. Each station consisted of a different exercise and it was non-stop for action. After the first full complete circuit, we took a quick break to wipe off the sweat and rehydrate with Propel. Jasmine gave me a new set of exercises to do at each station, she turned up the music and we got after it. At the completion of that circuit, I was wiped out. We finished up by cooling down with a slow paced round on the row machine. The short video below is the footage I took while doing this awesome workout circuit.

This is an amazing workout made all the better by working out with a friend. Unless I am running a race or participating in an event, I usually workout by myself. I learned a lot by working out with Jasmine. I did a workout that I have never done before which helps me with the mental aspect of working out. Sometimes, I get bored with my workout routine, so it’s nice to mix it up a bit. Most importantly, working out with a friend is fun. I enjoy working out, but having a friend there grinding it out with you, sharing laughs and having a good conversation makes it all more enjoyable and fun. I highly encourage and recommend getting in touch with a friend and getting a workout in!

Jasime & JonIt had been a while since I had seen or talked to Jasmine, so it was fun to see her and catch up. I appreciate her allowing me to workout with her and showing me a new workout. Do you ever workout with friends? If not, what are you waiting for? Get in touch and plan a workout!

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