My Motivation

Regardless of the exercise program/routine, motivation is a major factor in sticking with that program. Motivation comes in several different flavors. Some are motivated by pictures of themselves, some are motivated by their children (or the thought of having children), some are motivated by others. In my case, I am motivated by all of the above including the risk of diabetes, heart attacks, sleep apnea, gout and all other health issues that stem from being overweight. I want to be the best _______ (father, husband, son, brother, friend etc) I can be. Being healthy and fit is a key ingredient in being the best I can be. My family is a major motivating factor; I want to be around for as long as I can!

Motivational videos and motivational quotes inspire me to be the best I can be each day. I try and watch videos and read quotes as often as possible, especially when I need a kick in the pants and an extra bit of motivation. Below is my small collection of quotes, images and videos that I turn to when I don’t feel like working out.