West Coast vs. East Coast : Who is More Active?

It’s on! 10 bloggers from the West Coast vs. 10 Blogger from the East Coast will be competing for ultimate bragging rights in the Shape and Men’s Fitness magazine challenge to see which coast is the most active. Every week, a new challenge will be announced in which participants from the each coast battle to see who is the most active. The rules are simple..accept the challenge and be active! Any activity outside of the challenge is also counted, so this really is a battle for which coast is most active!

THE SCOREBOARD is updated every time a blogger is active and sync’s the Fitbit Charge. All bloggers are using the Fitbit Charge to keep track of steps and distance for each challenge. The Charge is a great activity tracker that can keep track of steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, calories burned, sleep activity, floors climbed and features a stopwatch and alarm. A very cool feature is that you can get all tech-geek on it and have your cell phone caller ID appear on the screen of the Charge. Ask a tech-geek myself, I love this feature!

The challenge is giving away four of the Fitbit Charge activity trackers, so head over to THE SCOREBOARD and enter to win! Good luck!

Onto the challenge! This week’s challenge is to get outdoors and take a hike or a trail run in the quest to hit 10,000 steps per day. One important aspect is to enjoy the surroundings while being active. I took that challenge head on and went for a run on a trail that runs through my entire city. The trail is part urban trail and part dirt trail and covers dozens and dozens of miles allowing me to check out my city from a different perspective. I like running in the morning and it’s cold in Denver this time of year. The East coast peeps are gonna be cold with the Vortex Lake Effect thingy going on. I gotta believe that West Coasters have an advantage!

I chose a part of the trail that I don’t usually run and was pleasantly surprised to see that this portion of the trail runs right next to the creek. The sound of running water and wildlife while running is actually pretty cool. Wonder if I should add a running water track to my playlist…not really. Anyway, since is was about 30 degrees out this morning, no one else was on the trial and I had it all to myself. I love the serenity of quite and morning runs. Challenge accepted and challenge complete!

Challenges are issued every Monday so stay tuned for next weeks challenge. In the meantime, go check out THE SCOREBOARD to see which coast is in the lead and track your coast’s progress.

There are a couple of hashtags that are being used across the interwebs, mostly blogs, Instagram and Twitter that you can use to follow along:


Have an active week and check THE SCOREBOARD often!

This post is sponsored by the Shape/Men’s Fitness FitBit Charge Challenge.