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I have run in a ton of different running shoes. A bunch of different brands and lines within brands. My favorite brand and line, hands down, is the Mizuno WaveRider series. The latest release, 21, proves my love for this running shoe. When I got the box in the mail, I got a bit giddy with excitement as I haven’t got a pair of new running shoes in a while. I was truly excited to open the box up and see what they looked like. It might just be me, but I love the look and color scheme of the WaveRider line. I was anxious to put them on and get a feel for them, so I slipped them on and went for a quick little jog. Just unreal. They feel and perform like they were made for me.

Ok, so it sounds like I’m just a homer for these shoes but…well…I am. With all the honesty I can speak through this blog, the WaveRider series and especially the new WaveRider 21 are the best running shoes for me.

It’s tricky and time consuming finding a shoe that works for you. I have gone through all the brands, done gait analysis in the running stores, and talked to every runner that will let me ask them what shoe they like. Once I found the WaveRider, I haven’t looked back (full disclosure here; I have tried other Mizuno products). The WaveRider works for my feet, body type and running form. You can hit up Google and see a ton of reviews about running in these shoes, so I won’t bore you with that other to say they are amazing and if you’re in the market for a new running shoe, please at least try on the WaveRider 21.

Mizuno WaveRider21What I really want to talk about is how verstile this shoe is for all fitness. I have logged about 12 miles in these shoes thus far, but I have also worn them to three Crossfit workouts (becuase there is running in Crossfit) and I must say, they perform pretty nicely for all types of workouts. We are in a world where everything is specialized. There are shoes for running, for powerlifting, for general workouts, for walking, etc. There are shoes made specifically for just about everything. I don’t like buying shoes for everything, so when I decided to give the WaveRider 21 a try for Crossfit, I was pleasantly suprised by how well they performed. I can’t tell you that they are the best shoe to workout in, but for me, they perform just how I need them to. I can tell you that they out perform my expectations for running.

Go give them a look and a run around the block!

Have you worn your running shoes for other types of workouts? If so, how would you say they performed?

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