The Importance of Hydration

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If you took a poll of people you know, most everyone would agree that hydration is important. However, very few would know why. I recently attended a conference call with Laura Daray from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute to discuss hydration, the effects of dehydration and the science of staying hydrated. I learned a bunch about hydration which I’ll get into in a bit, but the most important thing I learned is that I am not staying as hydrated as I should. My body is not at its optimal state for workouts due to lack of hydration. Due to this, I will be participating in Propel’s #AddFlavorChallenge to stay truly hydrated for an entire week.

Dehydration is a serious issue and can lead to many negative effects including loss of muscle power, motor skills and tolerance to heat. Even more serious is the increased cardiovascular strain, fatigue and irritability to name a few. The adult body is composed of about 60% water and it’s important to keep it at that level. When the body drops below that, dehydration begins and can lead to the issues mentioned above. There is a very easy test to understand your level of hydration. When you urinate, take a look at the color. If your urine looks like apple juice, you are dehydrated. If it looks like lemonade, you are hydrated. If it’s lighter than lemonade in color, you might be over-hydrated.

Effects of DehydrationWe lose fluid throughout the day for various reasons, chief among them is sweating during a workout. It’s important to replace the fluid you lose during a workout. There is a scientific and easy way to know how much fluid you need to drink to replace the fluid loss during a workout; weigh yourself before and after a workout. For every pound lost during your workout, you’ll need to drink 16oz of fluid. Which is a great segue to the next point…what is the best fluid to drink to re-hydrate or staying hydrated? There are a few factors to consider when choosing the right fluid to hydrate with including flavor and the amount of sodium in the fluid. Sodium is key as it helps to retain water and keep you hydrated longer. These days, my go-to for hydration is Propel. No other fluid beats the taste, but more importantly, Propel is enhanced with vitamins that help hydrate and keep you hydrated.

I do pretty well drinking fluids during a workout, but need to up my game when it comes to overall hydration throughout the day. I start my day early, run out the door on the way to work and before I know it, its lunch time and I haven’t had a drop of fluid. I am embarking on a challenge to properly hydrate for an entire week, document it and learn from the process so that I can make hydration a habit.

Whatever your workout, Propel and MapMyFitness are working together to get you the hydration you need during your sweatiest sessions with the Workout With Propel Challenge.

Until August 6th, log up to one workout a day and one Propel to have it count towards your chances to win an Under Armour gift card! Once you enter the challenge, workouts done on MapMyFitness, MapMyRun, MapMyWalk or MapMyRide will automatically be entered onto the challenge board. You do have to manually enter those Propels you chug on the website, though.

What are your hydration challenges? What tips do you have to drink enough fluid throughout the day to stay hydrated?

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