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Like most things in life, weight loss requires a strong support network. Without a doubt, its up to the individual person to make the decision to lose weight and to be disciplined to make the necessary decisions to lose weight. However, I firmly believe, none of that is possible without a support network. It doesn’t matter how many people are in the support network, but to succeed, you have to have at least someone there to support you during a time when you’re making foreign decisions and lifestyle changes. The decisions I made (or will make) aren’t always the most popular choices amongst a group of friends or amongst family members, but they are decisions that must be made in order to be the person I want to be. Making these choices requires support. Someone to tell you “good job” or people there to back you in that decision.

I’ve been very lucky to have a large support network. From family and friends to people I’ve met via my blog, twitter and other fitness groups (FitFluential and LoseIt). Its always nice to be able to send out a few tweets or posts on forums and have people respond who are in a similar situation or can empathize. But the most important is having people around you who are aware of what you are trying to accomplish and can understand the importance of your decisions or actions. When friends or family is having a BBQ, these people are thoughtful enough to ask what you want to eat (like grilled chicken and veggies) instead of a hamburger and chips.

Another form of support that is most special to me is when friends/family step up and participate in events that I am signed up for. It’s awesome when a group of us approach the start line together and help each other during the race. The best is when we all finish together. This kind of support is what I need to continue to be the best I can be. Knowing that I have friends and family that care about me and what I am trying to accomplish is a special feeling.

As I write this, I fully understand that I am on the one to make choices and decisions to lose weight and get fit. I am the one that needs to go workout. I am the one that needs to eat the right foods. I am the one that is responsible for me. Its easier to make the right choices when there are people that are supportive and rooting for me. Its easier and more enjoyable to workout when I have a workout partner, not to mention the thought of letting someone else down if I don’t show up.

Another type of support that I have is this blog. I’m not sure who is reading this or how many people are reading this blog, but its support and accountability is something I lean on everyday. Being able to write down my thoughts on weight loss and the struggles I have has made a huge difference in my journey. Having a vehicle to express my thoughts about my struggles and my victories is something that’s not quantifiable, but is a difference maker. If you are trying to lose weight and get fit, I urge you to start a blog and write.

I want to thank everyone who has and is supporting me. I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know!

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