Social Media Impact on Weight Loss

Losing weight is hard. Losing weight has put me through emotional roller coasters, bouts of low motivation, hunger pangs etc. There is so much physical and mental effort that goes into losing weight. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming. Being overwhelmed has led me to binge eating (mostly on desserts…I love ice cream). Trying to lose weight by myself was not successful as there is no avenue for an outlet or to have someone push you. Enter social media/networks.

There are tons of people going through the same things I am going through and they are all willing to sit in my corner and cheer me on. The people that I follow on Twitter (and follow me) has proven to be a valuable resource and tool in my effort to lose weight. The value of the information they share is priceless and I am grateful for each person that takes the time to share what they are doing to fight the good fight. But it goes beyond that. Real relationships are being formed on Twitter than have a positive impact.

If I am having a bad day, I know that I can turn to Twitter, and describe that my motivation for exercising is at an all-time low. I know that in a matter of minutes, I will have several people give me the pep talk I need. There are people in my corner, people that I have never met in person, people who really care and they want to see me succeed. To me, this is amazing and something I don’t take for granted.

I learn so much about health and weight loss everyday from Twitter. More importantly, I learn about people and how powerful it is to have people who care rooting for me. Its hard not to join the cause and help out as much as I can. When I see someone on Twitter who needs a boost, I make sure I reach out to them and let them know that they can do it. That there are people out there who care and want them to achieve their goals. This creates a very positive and powerful relationship between people who have a common goal and share the same struggles.

I urge anyone trying to lose weight to get involved in social networks and form relationships with other people trying to lose weight and get fit. The positive energy is undeniable and amazing.

There are way too many people that I could mention, however, I want to take a moment to mention someone who I met on Twitter that has become a friend. That person is Miller (@retroactiv_). I was in a bad mood one day after a bad experience at the gym and I made a small comment on Twitter. He reached out to me and gave me the positive pep talk I needed to keep going. The amazing part of this story is that I had never met or talked to him before. He reached out cause he saw someone who needed motivation. I am glad to call him a friend and know that by pushing each other we will reach our goals.

The moral of this post is that you don’t have to go at it alone. There are people out there willing to help and be there with you!

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