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I’ve always been a proponent of one shoe does not fit all. I have found that I feel better and perform better using different shoes for different types of activities. For example, I wouldn’t wear a shoe that I do cross-training with to run a marathon in. I wouldn’t run a marathon with a shoe that feels good for a 5k. I might be weird in this thinking, but I’ve learned that you have to find what works for you and go with it. In case of the shoes, I use the skilled craftsman motto: “Right tool, right job”. With that said, I was excited to test out and review the Reebok ZQuick.

ZQuick ShoeboxI got excited when a box showed up on my doorstep as I was expecting the ZQuicks. However, my hopes were let down when I saw the size of the box. I certainly wasn’t the size of a shoebox. Inside the box was a bag…what the heck did I get in the mail? As I removed the bag from the box, I quickly noticed the Reebok branding and was pleasantly surprised to see how the shoes were shipped. As you can see in the picture to the left, the shoes didn’t come in a box at all. They came in a very cool bag. If different is good, than I knew I was in for something cool with these shoes. Sidenote: my wife loves the bag and has now claimed it as her new gym bag!

As I take the shoes out of the bag and inspect them, the first thing I am intrigued by are the shoe linings. The shoe has an encompassing sock/bootie (I don’t even know how to describe it) that helps with fit. I have flat feet, so finding a shoe that is comfortable and fits well is always a challenge. I immediately notice the weight of the shoe; it is extremely light.

Z-Rated SolesI turn the shoe over to check out the sole of the shoe. It’s like no other sole that I’ve ever seen on any shoe. I quickly learn that this is by design. The ZQuick was designed with Z-rated sport car tires in mind. So what does tires have anything to do with shoes? Great question! The engineers at Reebok have taken the time to understand how performance tires work, and they included that technology into the ZQuick shoe. Z-rated tires are rated for speeds in excess of 149mph (not that I’ll ever run that fast), but the sole is designed with speed and handling in mind. That’s pretty cool in my book. As I understand it, the essential element to a good handling tire is maximum ground contact. The more the tire contacts the ground, the better the handling.

Now that I have the shoes in my possession, my first task it to put them on and take them for a spin. Kick the tires on the new car, if you will. Once they are strapped on, I can noticeably feel that they grip the ground. I’m not talking spiderman type stuff, but they feel much different than any other running shoe I own. It’s a cold, wintery day in Colorado, so I’ve take a spin on the treadmill. Not my favorite piece of equipment, but I’m so intrigued by these shoes that I have no other choice. I can feel the lightness and the control. I feel really good in these shoes. I know that I have to test them out on the road, no more of this treadmill stuff.

ZQuick Test DriveWhen I hit the pavement, I quickly learn that the team at Reebok is on to something. I can feel the sole go to work as I run especially as I turn corners or move out of the way of another runner. I can truly feel the sole contorting and distributing force. It’s a weird feeling at first. I’ve never felt anything like this, but as the run continues, I totally get what’s going on and I dig it. I run just over three miles during my test drive and I am sold! In the spirit of transparency, I want to mention that I have about 25 miles on these shoes. All of my runs with them have been between three and seven miles. I’m not sure how well these shoes will feel during longer distances. I have flat feet and and very picky with shoes when it comes to long distances. I am planning on updating this review after a long run in them. But for now, know that these shoes are awesome for the distances that I have been running.

“These shoes will make you UNNATURALLY QUICK!” is the tagline for these shoes. I am a bigger guy and never really been fast, but I will tell you that these shoes handle and perform very nicely. I can see how they could improve speed if that’s something that you’re aiming for. I would be doing you an injustice if I didn’t give you a peek at a couple of the commercials that Reebok put together for these shoes. I think the commercials are great and show the shoe how they are intended to be. You’ll be seeing a lot of these shoes soon as Reebok is airing these commercials during the Olympics (Feb 6th – Feb 23rd):



To sum it all up, I am a fan of these shoes. I intend on wearing them for all of my short/intermediate distance running. They are fun and perform well. If you’ve had a chance to check them out, what do you think of them?  Also, are you like me and wear different shoes based on activity type? Would love to hear from you!

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    • Jon

      Ah yeah!…and they are Propel colored, which is why they let me wear them during the shoot and not the shoes that wardrobe had!

    • Jon

      They are pretty cool looking! There are so many different color options they can do.


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