Red Rocks Workout

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I’m guessing you’ve heard of Red Rocks. You might have even been there to see a concert or have seen a movie or music video with your favorite band playing at Red Rocks. Without a doubt, it is the absolute coolest venue to see a concert at. Did you know that it’s also an awesome place to workout? There are so many fitness options at Red Rocks: hiking trails, running paths and biking. My favorite by far is the stairs and bleachers. It’s a great workout and kicks my butt every time!

Red Rocks Workout

I went to Red Rocks this past weekend to workout with a group of people that meet there every Saturday and Sunday at 9am. These are a group of people dedicated to working out and improving their fitness. They have created an awesome community and they make it fun to get a sweat on no matter what your fitness level is. There are also four to five other bootcamps/groups working out as well on any given day which makes it easily over 100 people working out at one time…awesome!

We started off with a 15 minute warm-up of doing up/downs where you go up one row then back down. Up two rows and back down. Up three rows and back down and so on. If you were to do the entire set of bleachers in that fashion, it would take at least two hours to complete. Luckily we only did this for 15 minutes to get warmed up. Then we headed all the way to the top!

When we got to the top there was no time for rest, we immediately started in on the workout. The bleacher workout consist of several movements up and down the bleachers. Pushups, jumps, running, burpees…whatever it takes to keep the heart pounding. Up and down we go for close to two hours. I wore my heart rate monitor to track my activity and as you can see below, I was in high gear for most of the time!

Red Rocks Heartrate

After nearly killing myself on the bleachers for two hours we began “cool down”. I put it in quotes as it really wasn’t a cool down from my perspective. It was another 30 minutes of plyometrics…non-stop plyometrics. It was awesome but I was completely exhausted. Sad to say, but I was pretty happy that the workout was over.

It’s very important to hydrate while working out at Red Rocks. There are a few elements that make hydration important, more so than working out indoors. For starters, when you’re at Red Rocks, you’re at altitude which makes your body work harder and that also means you are a bit closer to the sun and you can feel it. Everyone knows how much their body needs to stay hydrated, but when I’m working out for that amount of time, I drink like a fish. Luckily, I brought a ton of Propel Liquid Enhancer and several water bottles. I was chugging Propel like it was the last drink I would ever take! I’m a huge fan of the Liquid Enhancer as it allows me to add as much or as little flavor depending on the mood. Plus, it comes in a small bottle that is easy to take anywhere. In the video, below, you’ll see me adding it to my bottle of water during a water break.

Red Rocks Propel

The video below is about four minutes long, but the workout lasted about two hours. I wanted to give you a little peek into the madness and awesomeness that is working out at Red Rocks. Please don’t make any fun of my video editing skills, I know I’m a novice!

Red Rocks is a cool place for many reasons. I really love that it’s open to the public at all times to use and enjoy. If you are in Denver or are in town, I highly recommend stopping at Red Rocks and enjoying this very cool place. Heck, if you stop by, hit me up and we’ll get a work out in!


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4 Responses to “Red Rocks Workout”

  1. Amanda - RunToTheFinish

    Absolutely dying to go there sometime! I’ve seen so many great pictures and awesome workouts! I thought I would get to last time I was in Denver but time ran out…gosh guess I need another trip!

    • Jon

      Next time you’re here, you gotta get to Red Rocks…such a cool place!

    • Jon

      It is a cool place to workout…cool place to see a concert too (as long as its not raining!)


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