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polk-audio-love-musicPolk Audio has launched a site for “The Love Music Project“. Polk launched this site with an aim at allowing people to share stories of their personal relationships with music. People are able to go to the site, upload their story, which is then shared across the web to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest. Music is a universal language and touches people in so many different ways. Its cool to go to the Love Music web site and see the different relationships people have with music.

I love music for many different reasons and for different environments and moods. That may be the biggest reason why I love music; it allows me to have a different relationship with it depending on what I’m doing or how I feel. When I am driving home after a day’s work in rush hour traffic, music helps me wind down and relax. When I’m working out, music motivates me, which is my greatest love for music.

The right music, is inspiring with its lyrics and motivating with its beat. When I’m tired and not really into working out, music lifts me up and gets me excited about working out. When I’m on a run and not giving it my all, music helps me set a pace/cadence and carries me through. Music is there for me when I need it. Music is magical in that people can listen to several genres and get the same message, inspiration and motivation. Depending on the day, the workout or the run, I listen to different types of music. Some days/workouts I’ll listen to hardcore rock, while others I’ll listen to old school rap or fresh jazz. That is an amazing thing about music, it’s there for me when and how I need it, as cheesy as that sounds.

If I need music to lift me up, if I need it to relax, if I need it to set a mood at a dinner party, if I need it to be a background distraction…its there. In a life filled with constant change, music is a constant. Music means so much to so many people on so many different levels. When going through a tough stretch, music helps get people through it. When celebrating, music is a companion who is happy to be along for the ride.

All that to say, I Love Music because it inspires and motivates!

Polk Audio has been kind enough to give one lucky commenter a $50 promo code. Follow these simple steps to enter:

  1. Hop over to my Facebook page and give it a “Like” (if you haven’t already) – Note: this is not mandatory to enter/win, but would greatly appreciate it!
  2. Leave a comment below stating why you love music.
  3. Thats it! The winner will be randomly selected and announced at 3pm mountain time on Tuesday 2/26/13.

Below is a screenshot from the I Love Music Project site to give you a peek at how cool the site is and the great stories that come from music:


Thanks for checking out this cool project and entering to win. I look forward to your comments on why you love music!

Polk Audio has many outlets to learn more about them and their products:

This post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC. All opinions are my own.

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8 Responses to “Polk Audio: Love Music Project”

  1. Michelle Witholder

    I love music because I associate it with memories, both the good and the bad. It connects people and I love it for that as well!!

  2. Lindsey Leiker

    Dude, I love me some music. Amazing how it sets the tone of my day. Music has the ability to lift me up, get good endorphins pumping, and brings my kids and I into some serious dance competitions/laughing fits! 🙂 Life would suck without music.

  3. Kristine E.

    I love music because it gets me moving, makes me more productive, and more happy 🙂

  4. Theresa J

    I love music because it can help with moods. So many emotions are tied to music.


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