Orb Wellness: Sleep Complex

I am always reading and researching how I can make myself better. As you probably know, there is tons and tons and tons (I could go on forever) of information out there about how to get fit, how to be healthy, how to eat right, how to exercise…..how to do anything health related. It’s really hard to figure out what is real and what is fiction. I have tried just about everything to see what works for me. As we know, what works for one does not work for all. So…I try everything and see what works. In my research, there is one aspect of fitness that always boils up to the top as being just as important to overall well-being as anything else, and it’s something that I have largely ignored. Sleep.

Sleep is so important to a multitude of health: recovery, immunity, mental health, memory, longevity, heart health, attention span….the list goes on. If you’re anything like me, you go to sleep whenever, wake up early to workout, go to work, come home, rinse and repeat. I either get a ton of sleep in terms of hours, but don’t sleep very well, or I go to bed late and don’t get enough sleep. I don’t have a very good nightly routine (which is key) and I know it impacts my day-to-day performance. Since I’ve been reading and researching sleep, I have tried just about everything out there and nothing really stuck. Then, quite randomly, I was asked to try Orb Wellness’ Sleep Complex.

When I was first asked to try Orb, I was a bit skeptical because I haven’t been able to find anything that works for sleep. But I gave it a go because I want to get in a better nightly routine, I want to sleep better, and I want to get more sleep. The first night I took the Sleep Complex, I didn’t notice a huge difference. I did notice that it helped me go to bed, but not much more than that. Every night since has been a different story….a magical sleep story! I take the complex about an hour before I intend to go to bed, brush my teeth, read a little, and then I’m ready to fall asleep. When I wake up, I feel unbelievably rested. I would say I feel better than rested. I feel relaxed, peaceful even. As I mentioned, I either fall asleep early and get bad sleep, or I stay up late and get too little. I have had neither of these issues since the second night of taking the Orb Wellness Sleep Complex.

I haven’t had better sleep in I can’t remember how long, so I start to wonder what is in this product. Is it good for me, or is it full of crap that is just zonking me out? So I take a look at the label and do some research. The active ingredients are pretty good! Melatonin & Valerian helps promote relaxation and sleep, L-Theanine is a natural antioxidant, and B-12. The B-12 is key as it provides energy support when waking up. When I first started taking Orb, I was really worried that I would wake up feleing groggy or sleepy, but that hasn’t happened. I have awoken rested, relaxed, and ready to start the day.

Full disclaimer: I was given this product free to use. However, I will not write a review if I believe it to be a poor product. I have truly enjoyed and (more importantly) benefited from Orb Sleep Complex. If you are looking to add to your health arsenal and to take your overall health to the next level, please do yourself a favor and grab Orb at your local Costco. If you sleep with a partner, they will thank you. You will be doing them a favor too! My wife reports that she is sleeping much better now that I am sleeping well. Two-in-one benefits….can’t beat that!



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