One Day Means Nothing

One Day actually means everything…if you’re talking about starting a diet “one day”. Or is you are saying “one day”, I’ll get to the gym. That “One Day” was one of the of the most important days of my life. The “one day” I decided to take my life back and lose weight; I’ll never forget that one day. If you’re waiting for that one day to come around, then it will never come. You must seize your “One Day” and make it today.

But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about perception. About how many dieters think that since they fell off the wagon for one day, they need to continue the slide and gain a bunch of weight back. The perception that one bad day ruins your diet and everything you worked for up to that point. “Oh well, since I ruined my diet today, I’ll ruin it for the week and start again on Monday.” I did that song and dance for years and as you can probably guess, that next Monday never really happened and I continued to stuff my face until I finally dedicated myself to losing weight.

As it turns out, one bad eating day means nothing. It means nothing in regards to you gaining weight. Case in point…this past labor day weekend, while I tried to eat right, the moment got the best of me and I ate way more than I should have. All my friends brought a side dish to the BBQ. My wife and I brought a fruit salad and I tried to stick to that, but there was so many good dishes there that I had to sample.I had a great time; it felt good to unwind from weight loss for a day.

The next morning, I was nervous to see what number would appear on the scale. Much to my surprise, I hadn’t gained any weight. I didn’t lose any weight, but I didn’t gain weight. The next day, I ate right and did my exercises and I was back on the weight loss path.

This made me think about many of the popular diets on the market and how they allow (and some even mandate) a cheat day. It all makes sense now. The cheat day doesn’t hurt your weight loss, but it does wonders for the psyche. As I mentioned, it felt good to let loose and not worry about weight loss. I worried the next day. Weirdly enough, the nervousness of the scale helped me regain my momentum and get back on track.

Too many people let one bad eating day slow their progress towards their goal. I am here to tell you that one bad eating day doesn’t hurt your numbers, but it helps your mental state. Next time you think you have ruined it all with one bad day, step on the scale to see the effect and move on. Just know that you can give yourself a day here and there and still be fine. Just don’t have too many consecutive bad days.

Remember, your “One Day”…is today!

2 Responses to “One Day Means Nothing”

  1. EDNOS

    thank you for this post! i went over my calories today & was freaking out about what to do. i’m so encouraged now. doing my workout again & determined not to let tomorrow’s weigh in get to me no matter what it is.

  2. Dieter

    I had about 6 drinks last night, two of which were beer, and I feel terrible today. I feel like I’ve ruined everything I’ve worked for the whole day. I also had nachos later on in the night. In total, I went about 1200 – 1300 over my calories (at least).

    I will NEVER have a cheat day again.


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