Injuries Happen

Woke up this morning with a pretty painful, yet unknown and unspecified, foot/heel injury. I can’t put any pressure on my right foot without severe pain. But I’ve come to understand injuries and know that, unfortunately, its part of the process. If you’re working out in the gym or running, injuries are going to happen. Its part of the game. I hope I don’t get injured, not because of the pain, but because its a setback. It throws a wrench in my workout plans/schedule. This isn’t my first injury due to working out, nor do I expect it to be my last. After my first few minor injuries, I came up with a game plan for dealing with injuries:

The first time I got injured working out, I tried to ignore it. I could deal with it and continued to workout. This turned out to be an awful idea as it made it worse. Since then, when I get injured, I accept that I am injured and give the pain the respect it deserves.

As mentioned above, taking time off and resting is the best way to handle an injury. Pushing myself and working out with an injury just exacerbates the problem and setting me back even more.

Taking time to understand my injury, what my injury is and why I got injured helps to prevent that injury in the future. Did I have bad form performing a particular lift? Did I push myself too hard during a run? Was I using the wrong equipment/gear? Understanding the injury has helped me figure out how to make my workouts better and prevent future injury.

Going hand-in-hand with understanding, learning from the injury is important. If doing something injuries me, I should take a lesson and not do that again. Learning why I got injured has also helped me push myself and try different things that I probably wouldn’t have.

I love working out and have come to love running. While I hope I never get injured, I know that injuries happen. Its part of the process. I hope that I can learn from my injuries, take necessary steps to prevent it in the future and keep forging on.

*Disclaimer* – I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV. If you have a serious injury, please seek medical attention.

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