Getting Creative with Food

I talk to a lot of people who have tried dieting but have fallen off the wagon. When I ask why they aren’t dieting anymore, I hope for a good response like “I’ve hit my goal weight!” However, most of the time, this isn’t the response I get. What I hear from almost everyone is “I can’t stand to eat another can of tuna”. Or “eating right is so boring, there isn’t anything good to eat”.

To be honest, I thought that same thing for the first month of trying to lose weight. But the reality is, this is possibly the farthest thing from the truth. There is a whole world of healthy eating recipes. In fact, almost everything you eat can be made healthier without losing taste. You can also make a ton of meals that you probably wouldn’t eat if you didn’t care about health.

The key to eating healthy and tasty is to get creative. I was bored with a salmon filet and a side of veggies and my wife was craving Mexican cuisine. We started to discuss how we could eat Mexican and still eat healthy and we came up with Salmon Soft Tacos on corn tortillas (cause we are trying to cut out gluten). These tacos were delicious, tasty and very low calorie.

My point is that eating healthy doesn’t need to be boring. All you need to do is get creative, try fusion cooking and enjoy the food you are eating. Its much more satisfying when you have created a healthy, delicious dish then running out and getting junk food through a drive-through. There are thousands of healthy foods that you can eat that aren’t boring. What it comes down to is changing your behaviors.

Just like creating a habit of exercising, or trying to break a bad habit, eating un-boring, healthy foods is a habit that needs to be formed. You probably have the habit of eating the same meals in a one to two week rotation. You have a habit of eating what you know how to cook. Getting creative and eating healthy are habits that take a while to get used to.

There are several publications dedicated to eating healthy and keeping it un-boring. Cooking Light magazine is one of the more popular publications, but I am a huge fan of Take a look at the recipes on this site and tell me that its boring.

Form a new habit and cook amazing food, amazingly healthy!

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