Fear as Motivation

Everyone who is trying to lose weight or be healthy is motivated by something. Each person has a personal motivation; might be children, looking good in a swimsuit, health issues, setting a personal best…etc. The list is endless. I use all sorts of things as my motivation to get up and workout and to stay on track to hit my goal weight. One thing that I have never used (never really thought about) for motivation is fear.

Losing weight is hard, especially since I had so many bad habits that I needed to break and so many new habits I needed to form. Over the course of time, losing weight becomes easier as habits are broken and formed, but fundamentally, losing weight is not easy. To me, maintaining is even more difficult than losing. While I have formed great habits in regards to eating healthy and working out, its just too easy to fall back into the old habits that got me overweight in the first place…and this leads me to being motivated by fear.

I am afraid that I can fall back into overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, skipping workouts and so on. I fear that I can become what I once was. This fear has been the greatest motivating force in my life for the last 3 months. I love the fact that I have something fueling my fire, buts its a terrible way to live. Living in fear of anything adds a tremendous amount of unnecessary stress, which we all know is bad for your health. Its a vicious cycle.

Having this fear makes me believe that, while I have transformed my outward appearance, I still have some work to do to my mentally. It makes me believe that sub-consciously, my brain still acts as if I’m overweight. If I really want to transform my life, I need to work on my brain and form new thinking habits, habits that make me believe that I am healthy and not overweight. I will know that I have accomplished this when I no longer feel the fear looking over my shoulder.

For now, I will harness the motivation that fear gives me and continue on my path to a healthy life, which includes working on my state of mind and having belief in myself that I’m not that same person I once was.

Do you have a sense of fear?  Does it motivate you?

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