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Make Your Environment

For a lot of people, being fit and healthy is a way of life. I’m trying to get there, in fact, I work really hard at making that my life. The reality is, I’m not there yet. I have peaks and valleys in my habits and temptations. For me, I’m still in the process of learning about myself so that I can be more consistent and change my life. Every time I think I have this in grasp and ready to take it to the next level, I get a gentle reminder in so form or another that I don’t know anything! I got a gentle reminder recently that really took me by surprise.

My work schedule recently got turned upside down and it shook up my routine. I was going to the gym 4-5 times a week over the lunch hour. It was a great routine that really worked for me. Having a young child makes it hard to get to the gym in the morning or the evening as I want to devote time to my family. The lunch hour routine was awesome. Now that I am unable to hit the gym during the work day, I have resorted to working out at home at odd hours. It’s been a real struggle to get into the groove and really enjoy the workout like I do at the gym. It took me a while to figure out why it’s been hard to find that groove and rock the workouts, but I’ve figured it out. At first I thought it was the odd hours (really, really early in the morning or really, really late at night) but that wasn’t it. I don’t mind the hours as it works for me. I have determined the issue is what I am coining as “environmental motivation”.

I absolutely love being in the gym. The energy, the vibe, the scene, the people…I love it all. I soak it in and let let it marinate. It inspires, energizes and motivates me more than I give it credit for. The vibe and the energy that exists within the walls of the gym cannot be reproduced or replicated at home. To be successful, I’m going to have to create this environment for myself.

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Environmental motivation plays a role in other areas of my fitness as well. I love to run. I’ll run by myself, with a running partner, whatever. But I realized that I enjoy running the most and run faster when I run at races/events. There is something about being the mix with all the people, the energy, the vibe…the like mindedness. Here is one that is obvious, but it’s so much easier to maintain a good nutrition regiment when people I surround myself with are also eating right. There is something to this environmental motivation thing. I know this is probably not a new concept as I know there are a ton of studies revolving around motivation in the workplace, but it’s a  new concept to me in my fitness journey and its a real thing!

My goal is to get my schedule worked out so I can get back in the gym where I feel unstoppable, but until then, wherever I am I’ll be creating my own environment where I can thrive!

Do you get motivated by your environment?


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