Elite Mom vs. Mom Guilt: Let the Battle Begin

Introducing Elite Lindsey. She is excited, pumped, ready to try new things and be the best she can be:

Elite Mom

I would also like to introduce Mom Guilt. She loves her kids, strives to be the best, most coolest mom, and truly wishes them happiness:

Mom Guilt

Now that you have been introduced, let the battle begin.

Spartan Race was coming to town! They were doing a free training/workout for over 600 people in Denver who wanted to get ready for the race in May! I was so excited when I signed up weeks before. Then the debate started in my head. It was Elite Lindsey vs. Mom Guilt. Here’s how it all played out on the day before Spartan Workout…

Elite Mom: Spartan Workout begins at 8am, an absolutely perfect way to start the day.

Mom Guilt: Spartan workout begins at 8am. Are you crazy! Did you forget that Saturday is the ONLY day your kids get to watch cartoons and they count down this day from the moment you turn off the TV on Saturday!?

Elite Mom: We could always come back and watch TV and nap.

Elite Mom 1. Mom Guilt 0.

Elite Mom: It’s supposed to be a beautiful day! A little chilly in the morning, but warming up quite nicely as the day progresses.

Mom Guilt: We’re talking waking the kids up from their cozy warm beds, forcing them to hold on to a granola bar and capri sun as you buckle them into a cold and uncomfortable truck only to drive them for another hour and then force them to workout and enjoy it because, darn it, it’s family time.

Elite Mom 1? Mom Guilt 1?

Elite Mom: I’ll pack and be prepared! We’re going to do this as a family and it will be fun! I packed water bottles, snacks, warm clothes, layers, mittens, hats, summer clothes, change of clothes, more snacks, extra shoes, and the kitchen sink. We’re going to do this darn it!

Elite Mom 2. Mom Guilt 1.

Elite Mom: Set the alarm clock and went to bed in workout clothes.

Mom Guilt: Slept terrible for the next 8 hours. Dreamt of sleeping in, getting lost, and forgetting shoes.

Elite Mom 2. Mom Guilt 2.

Alarm clock goes off. Elite Mom is ready to rock n roll. Mom Guilt is not so sure.  Elite Mom brushed her teeth, threw her hair in a pony tail, and put on her shoes. Then Mom Guilt crawled back in bed, waiting to hear back from her training partner/neighbor. Sure enough, got a text from training buddy, she was sick and was not going to go.

Elite Mom: Ok, so the kids and I can do this. We can still go. It’s ok.

Mom Guilt: She’s taking care of herself and her kids. They are going to hang out and relax. You should take notes.

Elite Mom then called husband. To her dismay, he told her to not worry about it so much and just skip it.

Mom Guilt did a cheer.

Elite Mom crawled while Mom Guilt jumped back into bed and attempted to go back to bed. Not long after, my son came downstairs, wide awake and ready for his Spartan training. Tears streamed down his face when I told him we were not going.

Elite Mom 2. Mom Guilt 3. Unhappy kid – big fat ZERO.  Not good.  No one won.

Twenty-four hours of battling, debating, going back and forth with myself and for what!? A bummed elite Lindsey, a tired Mom Guilt, and a heart broken kid. What did I learn? Communication is key.  Apparently it would have saved a lot of energy had I just talked with my kids and realized that it was just as important for them to go as it was me. I was excited that I had instilled a love for fitness in them and so bummed that I had let them down. If I have to involve my kids on this journey to become elite, then they should be allowed to be in the battle/debate as well and put in their two cents. I want them to know how much I want to be fit and want them to WANT to be fit as well.  I want them to understand that sometimes it will be uncomfortable, cold, hard, and out of our comfort zone. I want them to understand that it can be fun, rewarding, and you can walk away feeling confident, strong, and tough and that all the uncomfortable parts are worth it.

How to win the battle: communication with kids ahead of time and everyone wins. Well, most of the time.


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