Don’t Criticize My Weight Loss

Disclaimer: This post is a rant. You’ve been warned…

I’m getting tired of reading health experts and other weight loss bloggers criticizing the method people lose weight as well as the emotion people go through while losing weight. If you spend anytime reading health/weight loss/fitness articles online you will see that there is a common thread. Everyone thinks their method of losing weight is the only way to do it. I’m not going to take time to list out any specific examples cause they are plentiful. Just surf around the net a bit and you’ll see that everyone has an opinion about how to lose weight.

I somewhat understand so called experts, because they are pushing products or methods to earn money. They are going to go with what sells, I get it. Although, I think they would be doing everyone a service to not trash other methods than the one they are pushing. What really gets me going is other weight loss bloggers criticizing people who are in the same boat as them. I lost weight by calorie counting, but I know that there are thousands of other methods that are just as effective. I’m not going to trash those other methods. It just so happens that calorie counting worked for me. I’ve said (and wrote it) a thousand times….find what works for you and perfect it.

But the biggest issue I have is when other weight loss bloggers criticize others for the emotions they are experiencing while losing weight. Many people who are trying to lose weight experience it at a very emotional level. The ups and downs of the mental state has been called a journey. There is something around every corner when trying to lose weight. In my opinion, losing weight is a journey. There is a start and there is a destination and you don’t really know the course you are taking between start and finish.

I appreciate all of the weight loss bloggers who put their lives online to discuss their journey. I read thousands of articles a week from weight loss bloggers and I love every minute of it. There are as many methods and emotions as there are weight loss blogs. Everyone has their own method of losing weight and dealing with their emotions. I also appreciate that people may have a difference of opinion on how to lose weight and can offer their insight into situations that one may come across during their journey. What I don’t appreciate is people criticizing others for how they are losing weight and the emotions they are experiencing.

Please don’t stop having an opinion, but please stop telling people that your opinion is better than others. I feel that we (weight loss blogging community) are all in this together. We are all trying to better ourselves and need all the support we can get. But we also offer a ton of support. It hurts our community when someone wants to better themselves and they get trashed for doing so. I love reading someones opinion on their blog when they offer insight, suggestions, guidance etc. I get a bit angry when their insightful blog post turns into a self-indulging editorial. But then again, its your blog, write what you want.

Big props go to everyone who is trying to lose weight and get up every morning ready to fight the good fight. Keep writing inspiring and motivating blog posts, they mean a lot to a lot of people. Please ignore the haters.


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