Danger: Redbox Movie Rentals

My wife and I love watching movies. We don’t necessarily enjoy the theater experience, so we wait for movies to go to rental before we watch them. Our rental method of choice is Redbox. Its inexpensive, its convenient and Redbox always has the most recent movies. However, there is one major downside to renting movies from Redbox. Most Redbox locations are inside McDonald’s.

Every time I go to rent a movie, I am deeply tempted to order the very thing that helped contribute to being overweight. As I enter McDonald’s with the thoughts of what comedy I’m going to rent, I smell the sweet aroma of freshly cooked fries and unbelievable, yet gross, dollar menu McDouble Hamburgers.

Its extremely difficult to rent a movie without wanting to stuff my face with the worst food America has to offer. Yet, I persevere and endure for the sake of a good comedy. I know that its just a matter of time before I potentially cave to temptation. I am declaring, from this moment on, that I will never go to a McDonald’s again to rent a movie. The easiest way to control a problem is to avoid temptation. For example, if a recovering alcoholic wants to avoid a relapse, they should not visit a bar…even if they are only ordering water to drink. Its just a matter of time until temptation wins. Avoiding temptation is, for me, the best way to not be tempted.

I just learned that a Redbox has been installed at the grocery store that I shop at. This is where I will be renting movies from now on. This is a welcome surprise and one that will help me make better decisions. Thank you Redbox…Horrible Bosses is a funny movie!

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